Occupation: Drummer

Date of Birth: September 8, 1988.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo.

Place of Birth: Magdeburg (Germany).

Place of Residence: Magdeburg, Germany and their temporary home in Hamburg which is where their studio is.

Height: 1,70cm (5′7″)

Weight: 68kg (150lbs)

Hair Colour: Dark blonde.

Eye Colour: Brown.

Siblings: An older sister.

School: He’s graduated from the German form of senior high.

Favourite Subject in School: Sports and Economics.

Hated Subjects in School: Math and Physics.

Hobbies: Riding his bike and music.

His Idol: Lars Ulrich of Metallica.

Favourite Music/Artists: Metallica

First album he ever bought: “Black Album” from Metallica

First concert he’s ever been to: A festival with many artists. Joe Cocker was one of them.

Distinctive signs: Always seen wearing a cap.

Motto: Hauptsache alles geht schief. (Which means the same as: As long as everything goes wrong)


Personality: Gustav is very a quiet and a cute person. He prefers to stay in the background. He’s also very sensitive and can get moody and sulky really easily. He’s also very impatient. He’s always the first one to get up in the mornings and waits till the rest of the band drags themselves out of bed while he’s already made breakfast and gotten ready.

Gustav Interview!


When we ask whether he can indulge in his passions, he says that he is quite busy with the band, but when he can, when he returns to his parents, he goes off on long bike-rides! He loves that!



Now Gustav, answer us sincerely, who do you find the cutest in the band?


Gustav: It’s hard to answer that, asking a boy how he finds other boys wouldn’t be too good! I leave it to a girl to answer such questions! But honestly, none of them are really, no?



You get thousands of letters and emails, what must a fan do in order to touch you?


Gustav: I couldn’t chose one in particular, but I must say I was very impressed when someone gave me a drawing a fan had did of me. I thought: “Wow! What talent you have to have in order to paint like that!” What impresses me the most, is the fans’ efforts. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, or our birthdays, they’re always there! Incredible!



Are you superstitious, do you believe what your horoscope says? Do you believe there is life after death? Do you believe in God?


Gustav: I’m a baptized Protestant. At Christmas, I attend mass with my family. Those are good moments.



Gustav, would you rather:
A blonde or brunette?


Gustav: None in particular, the girl has to be friendly/sweet, no matter her hair color.



Turkey or pork?


Gustav: I chose the turkey.



Legs or butt?


Gustav: The legs and butt must together form a harmonious whole.



Sunflowers or roses?


Gustav: I would say sunflowers! I think roses have a solemn significance.



Are you in love right now? Do you have a girlfriend?


Gustav: No.



What is the worst thing someone could do to you?


Gustav: Touch my family would be the worst thing. My family is sacred! Without them, none of this would be possible!
(In short: Also, touching his personal things, his celly or his laptop, shouldn’t be done.)



Have you ever cried for something recently?


Gustav: When I watched “Gladiator,” the end touched me!



Do you think the fans will remember you forever, even when the group no longer exists? Do you think it will be like the Beatles?


Gustav: Hard to say, I haven’t ever thought of that. But I think people will remember and tell their kids: “You know, when I was your age, I went to a Tokio Hotel concert.” That would be super!



Do you often go on the Internet?


Gustav: No, I check my mail, and I buy several CDs from time to time and check quickly what has been said about us.



Do you often look at the fanclub? What do you think about it?


Gustav: I try to go as often as possible, for us (and I’m speaking for all of us) it’s very important. We find what the fans do for us, remarkable!



What is the first thing you do when you return to your parents after the tours for example, or interviews?


Gustav: I sit in my room, appreciate the calmness and I review everything I did. From time to time, we have so many interviews, and we travel so much, we don’t know where we are anymore.



At the beginning of the Schrei Tour, Bill’s voice was constantly changing (his voice was breaking) at concerts, you sung some choruses with him. I was wondering why? Are you the one who sings best?

Gustav: I’m the one who sings best after Bill.



What would be the most shameful thing for you?


Gustav: Something which hurts my family, and I would never want to run naked on Broadway!



What would you do if you were a girl for 24 hours?


Gustav: Oh my, I’d paint my nails and talk about boys! No thank you! If I had to wear a miniskirt, I wouldn’t know how to sit properly. Sitting with legs spread apart on the couch would certainly not be a good idea, but it would be funny!



And DON’T forget that Gustav is a very cute dancer! Wanna have a look?